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A Secret Group of High Level Entrepreneurs are attracting high ticket clients DAILY & scaling up beyond 50K months by doing less and less using Revolutionary New "Freedom Systems" The Secret To Making Sales Funnels Work Consistently Every Month.
Knowledge, Growth & Community Are The Golden Key's To Unlocking Profound Levels of Happiness Health & Wealth In Life.
Have you ever taken a course, program or read a book and felt "accelerated"? It's when your brain "Level's Up". You get a sense of clarity...You just "Know" what to do next. Kinda like a you've had a software update. This "Acceleration" is a real thing it changes our DNA.  Once we reach a new era of knowledge our experience shifts. No longer do we function from lower levels you start to rise, you start to open. 

Wanna know the craziest thing? we can share this "Acceleration". 

In fact...

What's The Highest Value, High Impact, High Profit, Mass Scale....

 Product In The Known Universe?


Your Wisdom/Expertise = life experience + knowledge + result
Why is it so valuable? Because you have "Accelerated" to desirable life levels.

People want to teleport *shortcut* speed up their results and people NEED to fix problems that you've already solved.

But there's a BIG Problem.
An Overload of Noise & Complexity is Killing Your Freedom. Everywhere you look there's another "Expert/Guru" trying to sell you the next best thing. How Do You Know What To Listen To, What Do You Do?
An epidemic of overload turns the market into a hive of complexity which is good for you and I

Everyone is following the SAME outdated strategies all the "Gurus" teach, doing more and more "stuff" that keeps them stuck... instead the winners (a very small group of high level entrepreneurs) are using "Freedom Systems" to launch & scale a fast growth expert business.

How Everyone Starts The When Selling Wisdom?

 Working 1-on-1, Coaching, Consulting or 

Doing Work For Your Clients...It's draining your time & energy. You Need More Clients But Don't Have A System...

it can be hard to see the light when you're stuck IN your business...
Our Training Programs
Expert freedom accelerator
Simplify, Systemise & Scale "Hybrid Inbound System"
12 Month Mastermind To Supercharge your potential  Full Business Systemisation, Leverage, Team Finance & Scale
Here's how it works
Expertfreedom.com provides you with everything you need to be successful. No boring, untested methods — we provide an ecosystem for you to thrive and building blocks "freedom systems" so you can build,  play and scale.
Proven battle tested systems
.We turned the guesswork of starting/scaling a your expert business into a science. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable metrics.
Freedom Mind Emersion. 
The radical new way of thinking... A state of the art "Freedom Mind" implant can instantly 10x productivity, flow state & focus for long periods of time. Discover how to focus on the correct area of your business. 
Entrepreneur community
The fastest way to grow is to around yourself with people at higher level. Join an active community of entrepreneurs, collaborate, get help, practice sales calls, make friends, do business and have fun 
Healthy scaling.   
Accelerator Model. 

Reduce your workload, increase your capacity 
Fall in LOVE with your business

We've Helped over 3,000 Coaches & Consultants

"Simplify & Scale Your Business so You Can Live A Life of Real Impact and Freedom"

View our Case Studies to see how experts just like you are making $10k to $150k each month after working with us

Expertfreedom.com provides you with everything you need to be successful. No boring, untested methods — we provide an ecosystem for you to thrive and building blocks "growth systems" so you can build, play and scale. Our combination of proven marketing systems + expert lead coaching. Ensure you get results.

Learn The Science and Psychology of Business so You Can Quickly and Easily Profit

We turned the guesswork your expert business into a science. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable metrics.

Grow Your Audience for the Long Term so You Always Make Money!

Our marketing systems help your grow an audience of loyal fans who want to work with you, buy your courses, coaching or consulting offers.

Make Sales Everyday with Cash Generating Sales Funnels

After building 50+ sales funnels we've learn exactly what it takes to generate high ticket clients online. You'll get our proven cash generating sales letters, webinars and funnel templates to quickly deploy into your business

Install Laser Sharp Focus, Increase Your Productivity so You Win!

Our Mind Emersion coaching gives you a radical new way of thinking... our mindset training helps you increase productivity and get into flow state so you can focus for long periods of time

Build an Automatic Business, Give Yourself a 4h Work Week.

Everything we do is to build more freedom in your business. Our templates, CRM systems and marketing campaigns are designed to automate the lead generation process for your business

Unlock New Ideas with our Global Entrepreneur Community

The fastest way to grow is to align yourself with people playing at a higher level. Join an active community of entrepreneurs, collaborate, get help, practice sales calls, make friends, do business and have fun 

Who Do We Help?

You are building a online coaching or consulting biz in the "wisdom" economy selling your expertise and skills via courses, coaching or services

Today's Investment = $8,000

Course Creators

You sell or want to sell online courses You are looking for ways to launch and enhance you sales without wasting time trying strategies that don't work

Consultants & Service Providers

You are helping solve problems with your expertise, you are looking for faster, easier and more automated ways to generate clients


You have a coaching business and want to scale up your client intake, leveraging systems and new models so you have more freedom

Hi I'm George

I started Expert Freedom with the mission to help everyone with knowledge and expertise share their knowledge with the world and create a highly profitable business while being able to travel and live life the the full!

Over the years I’ve helped clients who have followed my course online generate substantial sales, multiple clients have achieved 6 figure revenue and one 7 figures having implemented the strategies I have shown them.

I fell in love with online business and have mastered the art of copywriting, FB Group marketing and sales funnels to consistently sell out courses and coaching programs.

I've made MANY mistakes on the road to freedom. lost money, got into debt but those failures lead to success. Now EF regularly generates over $20,000 each month with our simple and easy to deliver product.

I've invested over $295,00 in education, online courses, mentors and testing things the didn't work which has allowed me to be seen as UK's leading a funnel & client acquisition expert for "info" products.

I also love music, play the piano and guitar :D

If you want to build a coaching or consulting business that gives you the freedom to share your gifts, travel and love life, you're in the right place!

How You Can Get Started?

Want to Get Clients and Make Sales Quickly?

Fill Your Calendar Challenge

Learn How to Book Your Calendar Full of Qualified Sales Appointment in Just 10 Days using our Hybrid Organic Marketing Method! You'll master DM's to attract leads.

Want to Grow Your Audience and Build an Evergreen Lead Generation System?

Hybrid Group Growth Method

Learn How to get 50 - 100+ new members into your facebook group, grow your audience and get sales and clients consistently in this FREE 3 Day Challenge!

"...Get 10 To 30+ New Qualified Group Members Every Day & Convert Into 3-5 High Ticket Clients Every Week"

Group Clients Accelerator

Learn Our Hybrid Group Growth Method, The Fastest Most Reliable, Evergreen Client Acquisition Process To Build a Profitable Facebook Group...

FREE Resources to Help You Grow Your Business Faster and Easier...

Our Growing Highly Engaged Community of Experts (coaches, consultants and course creators) You'll find valuable free systems, interviews and templates

Our Proven DM Script Method for Getting Clients Consistently Using Facebook Messenger & Groups

Our Profitable Funnel for Creating High Ticket Clients Consistently Using Paid Ads, FB Groups + inbound DM's

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